Santa Cruz Academy Zambales Alumni Foundation, Inc.

is non-stock, non-profit association which was organized for the purpose of integrating all the graduates of the Santa Cruz Academy for just a noble cause. It main objective to harness the generosity and magnanimy of our graduates who became great achievers in their feild of profession and the business enterprise and to utilize their capability to help and assist not only on the less fortunate people of our society and community as well as member of the foundation who need help and students of our Alma Mater who are poor but deserving ones.




On September 08, 2001, Rev. Fr. Ernesto Raymundo the Parish Priest and School Director, gathered the representatives of the graduates of Batch 65 up to Batch 95 of the SANTA CRUZ ACADEMY. It was on this date, that an organizational meeting took place at the 2nd floor of the New SCA Annex Bldg. Whereby two(2) members represented each batch. There were about sixty (60) Batch representatives who represent. After lengthy debates and discussion, the group decided to form a Foundation to be named " SANTA CRUZ ACADEMY ZAMBALES ALUMNI FOUNDATION, INC." Atty. Menefredo M. Rivera was chosen as the Founding President and was tasked to register the Foundation with the Securities and Exchange Commission. On 22nd day of March 2002 the SCA ZAMBALES ALUMNI FOUNDATION, INC. was duly registered with SEC with paid-up capital contributions in the amount P 100,934.88. Several Committees were formed, one of which is the committee on laws that prepared and submitted the draft of the supplemental By-Laws of the foundations. It was great job when the group approved the said By-Laws that would govern its existence. The first General Assembly was held on April 30, 2001 where more than seven hundred (700) delegates or alumni graced the occasion. It was a great and fulfilling night of joy and laughter that emanated from the hearts of everyone. A night to remember where one shared his life with a classmate that was not seen for so many years. A reckoning of the past years of High School days.

To date we have withstand and surmounted all the trials that beset the foundation. The triumph of the 2002 President Vice- Mayor Miguel M. Maniago who contributed so much to the coffers of the Foundation by conducting a Raffle Draw and the 2003 President Amy Dorotheo who bridged the continuity of the club today 2004 under the newly elected President Atty. Menefredo Rivera thus sustaining the Flagship Project of the Foundation entitled " SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS" to poor but deserving children of Alumni Members.