Student Council Organization
The official council of student of Santa Cruz Academy. Committed to student empowerment, excellence, and social consciousness and responsiblity.

Christ Advocate Team

SCA Drum and Lyre
Combining passion for music, dedication to succeed plus love and loyalty for hometown and school, the official drum and lyre band is considered as one of the best drum and lyre band in Zambales. Their current band conductor is Mr. Angelito Miraflor

SCA Glee Club
A music-oriented organization aimed to provide an outlet for the development of its members, especially in singing. It is also committed to promote special awareness, cause orientation, youth involvement.

English Club
The club helps students improve there English. By joining, a student will receive tips, exercises, quizzes, articles, etc. for improving English. English Club also provides a platform to its members to share and discuss their problems regarding the English language.

Science Club

Math Club
A group of students that aim to promote mathematical excellence with in the SCA community. Dedicated to helping students achieve their full mathematical potential and work hard towards a brighter future.

Lakas Student Catholic Action
Lakas S.C.A.

SCA Family Council
Santa Cruz Academy strives to make all parents feel welcomed and connected to the school, as well as to each other. Through the efforts of the administration, the school provides numerous ways for family to interact with each other and participate in activities that foster community spirit.

SCA Citizen Army Training and Cadet Officer Training Corps
C.A.T. and C.O.T.C.
Composed of senior students who are hardworking, determined and serviceable. Students (Cadets) who spend their time and effort in working as a team in the successful accomplishment of the mission and the objectives which are:
a) To develop the spirit of nationalism
b) To make the youth physically strong and morally confident c) To provide the youth with meaningful outlets for creativity and services
d) To develop the youth into self-reliant, law abiding citizen and potential community leader, and
e) To prepare the youth for good citizenship and military services

The Pen is mighter than the Sword. Official News Organ of SCA.

A Tribute To A Beloved
By: Rea Abuan

          October 1, 2001 - Santa Cruz Academy was given the news, Miss Felipa Marty, one of the school's foundation had already passed away. Our institution, her home school, pay a tribute in honor of her. Our school flag were half mast for a week. Our teachers practiced well for the choir of her funeral mass. And on October 3, 2002, clases were dimmissed to give way to the funeral. A mass was concelebrated by two Columban priest and Rev. Fr. Roque Villanueva. Several students joined the mass as well as the funeral.
          Miss Felipa Marty was once a principal of our Alma Mater. We salute her for her remarkable works implementation which makes Santa Cruz Academy stand among the rest. Up to your last day, Sanat Cruz Academy, will always proud of you!!!

Enrolment Rate Drags Down
By: Ma. Angelica Maestre

          This year, enrolles of Santa Cruz Academy declined. From last year 1,673 student population, it is lowered to 1,603 at present. This year's population was 2% lower than population last June 2001. Certain reasons caused this declanation like financial status every family and the increasing public schools. Every year, increasing tuition fee seems to be a natural thing to be a natural thing for the administration to do to keep the school updated with the latest facilities and equipments needed by the students. Because of increased tuition fee, students have no chice to go to public schools, which affordable for them. But it is doesn't population declined, what matters are education we gain and the values it tends to develop in us.


          The much-anticipated awaited annual event, the Student Council Organization (SCO) Election was held ast July 5. Three unpredictable parties vied for various ofices: the SLAMDUNK, LAMMP and SCANS Parties. Joeylyn Marty senior student, won the chairmanship.
          Three days before the election, a room-to-room campaign was held. Each party applead for their fellow SCAN's support. There wasd usual "meeting de avance" due to lack of time and preparation. The election proper began at exactly 1:00 p.m. on the date mentioned earlier.
          After about 2 hours, aspirants went out to check the results and express their gratitude to those who voted them. The newly elected SCO Officers for the school year 2002-2003 are:

Chairwoman: Joeylyn Marty
V-Chairman: Joey Mantes
Secretary: Minabelle Mallari
Treasurer: Jeliza Franco
Auditor: Ma. Angelica Maestre
P.R.O.: Rose Anne Mary
Bus. Mngrs.: Flora Kathlene Arce, Kelvin Lee Ariola
Sgt.-At-Arms: Ken Dexter Barrera, Lilibeth Anne Maraņon
Senior Del.: Isuki San Meredor, Venus Junior
Junior Del.: Herrend Holdago, Jestoni Po
Sophomore Del.: Jezali Franco, Abraham Mallari
Freshmen Del.: Darrille Joi Abad, Michael Anthony Cruz


On Distance Shores
by: Ner Virtus Medul

Sweet, soft summer nights
Dancing shadows in the starry lights
You came for me to follow
And we made dreams on distance of shores...

Long quiet hours of play
Sounds of silence from yesterday.
Love came for me to follow
And we held each other on distance shores...

The simple plans of children playing,
Raindrops fall as if they're saying
"She came for you to follow"
And we held each other on distant shores...

The breeze of summer's gone
Whispered memories as nights
grows long, You came for me to

You'll Never See Me Cry
by: Ashley

I've seen to happen to everyone,
When hearts are broken, when things are done,
When they rejected, hurt and stunned;
I've learned my lesson from all and none.

So I'm prepared when things go wrong,
when heart is heavy, I sing a song,
I shall not break for I am strong
I'll go on living, I'll get along.

THE PEN, issue for June - October 2002, school year 2002 - 03
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